Europe: Fighting for you to have the final say


The Liberal Democrats respect the result of last year’s referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. But we recognise that voting to leave is not the same as voting for a destination. Theresa May is pushing for an ‘extreme’ Brexit, which could harm our economy and leave you and your family worse off.

Even outside the EU, we will need to work closely with our European neighbours on issues such as trade, transport, crime prevention and security. So Theresa May’s angry rhetoric, while it may keep her right-wing colleagues happy, is not in the best interests of our country.

“I will pressure the next Government to abandon its fighting talk around exiting the EU,” says Richard Foord, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for North Somerset. “If the UK is to achieve any sort of deal with its nearest neighbours, it will need to start speaking in a more sensible, rational fashion.”

The Liberal Democrats want to give the people of this country the final say on the Brexit deal. Because only you should decide whether the deal that we end up with is what you voted for in last year’s referendum.

“I doubt the next Government will manage to strike a deal that is better than the one we have,” says Richard Foord. “I believe that the British people ought to be given a say on any deal which is negotiated. Otherwise we are just putting ourselves at the mercy of whatever ‘best-of-a-bad-job’ deal Theresa May manages to cobble together.”

If you believe that the British people should take back control and have the final say on the Brexit deal, vote Richard Foord and the Liberal Democrats on 8th June.

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