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A BIG THANK YOU - A Message from Marcus Kravis.

"I would like to thank all those that voted for me on May 7th. Obviously that result was very disappointing not just for North Somerset Liberal Democrats but for Liberal Democrats all over the UK.

I would like to thank all those, that helped in our campaign. The amount of effort and energy put in by volunteers was heart warming. I just wish the result had recognised the amount of hard work that was put in. Can I also thank all those that displayed window posters or signs in their gardens.

I have received many messages from people since the election. Many people are shocked at the result and cannot quite believe how the Lib Dem vote in North Somerset went down so much. Although we worked hard locally the national tide was just too great, and I am saddened that many hard working Lib Dem MPs have lost their seats.

I believe the Lib Dems did do well in Government, but it is obvious that many people did not like us propping up a Conservative government, and many just did not want to risk a Labour one, whether the Lib Dems were involved or not. We are and independent party and our aim has to be to put our party's policy into practice, and to influence the policies of the other parties.

The Liberal Democrats are down but not out. We retained our North Somerset Councillor's seat and gained a Town Council Seat in Portishead. If you would like to be involved in the fight back, then please join the party and become involved."

Joining is easy and is only £12 a year. You can make a donation to the LOCAL party by clicking to button below.




 Marcus can be contacted via his email, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, by clicking one  of the buttons below. Alternatively call or text 07876 247947 or subscribe to the YouTube Channel.











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