Protecting the environment and supporting a sustainable future

Countryside.jpgThe Liberal Democrats have a proud history of strong, realistic and forward thinking environmental policies. We are committed to the protection of our natural environment. And we will not stop until we have secured a sustainable future for our country.

We fought a long campaign to improve agricultural subsidies, to support rural livelihoods and to protect the natural environment. Whilst in government, we championed green energy, oversaw a trebling of renewable electricity generation and helped to establish the Green Investment Bank to support green infrastructure projects.

Since then, though, Theresa May and her Conservative government have failed consistently to protect our natural environment and to ensure a sustainable future for our country. For example, they have:

  • sold off the Green Investment Bank to a foreign financial institution, putting profit before planet;
  • cut support for home insulation, depriving you of the opportunity to reduce your heating costs and to cut your carbon emissions;
  • failed to tackle air pollution, which contributes to 40,000 early deaths a year in the UK, and passed the buck to cash-strapped local authorities;
  • devastated the renewable energy sector by cutting the feed-in tariff, putting at risk companies, jobs and our ability to compete globally;
  • given £2 million to fracking companies, sending a clear message that their priority is to scrabble after the last drop of fossil fuels rather than work towards a sustainable alternative.

The Liberal Democrats know that protecting our natural environment is not an optional extra. It needs to be at the heart of all policy decisions.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats on 8th June is a vote to:

Tick.jpgfit insulation to four million properties by 2022, prioritising fuel-poor households;

Tick.jpgcombat air pollution and protect the health of our children;

Tick.jpgboost our renewable energy sector and lead the world in renewables technology;

Tick.jpgensure that British farmers, as stewards of our countryside, do not lose out as a result of Brexit;

Tick.jpgsuspend the use of neonicotinoid pesticides until their use is proven to be safe;

Tick.jpgcut dependence on fossil fuel imports and reduce carbon emissions.

If you care about the environment and want to secure a sustainable future for our country, vote Richard Foord and the Liberal Democrats on 8th June.

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