Richard Foord's priorities for North Somerset

Richard Foord, Liberal Democrat candidate for North Somerset in the general election on 8th June, has outlined his priorities for North Somerset.

1. Hold the Government properly to account
Because a large Tory majority will need scrutiny and challenge.

2. Ensure the UK remains in the single market
Because a full 66% of Bristol’s exports go to the EU.

3. Support our teachers and our schools
Because we need to reverse the Tory government's £10.3 million cuts to schools in North Somerset.

4. Give the NHS the funding that it needs
Because our doctors and nurses deserve better. And the Lib Dems will raise £4.9 billion with 1p on income tax.

5. Promote green energy and carbon reduction
Because we need to ban fracking, combat climate change and double green energy by 2030.

6. Make the Portishead rail link happen
Because there has been too much talk; action is required.

If this is the North Somerset that you'd like for you and your family, vote for Richard Foord and the Liberal Democrats on 8th June.

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