Properly Funding Our Schools

The North Somerset Liberal Democrats believe that education is the key to freedom and opportunity, and a vital part of creating the fairer society our party seeks to build. We know that to ensure every child gets the support they need, our education system must be properly funded.

This is why we will campaign against this Conservative Government’s new National Funding Formula, which in the UK is estimated to result in schools in North Somerset having their funding slashed by £10,308,096 by 2019. This could amount to a loss of £391 per a pupil, and the potential cuts of 279 hardworking teachers [, 2017].

We think North Somerset’s children and teachers deserve better

We were proud to introduce the Pupil Premium – additional money to support pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds – when we were in Government.  

It is our policy to protect school funding in real terms, from the early years right through to college. 

Vote Liberal Democrat on June 8th to help build a society where every young person, no matter what their background or circumstance, can grow up to achieve anything they set their mind to.

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