Council Coronavirus Update 1: RESPONDING TO COVID-19

North Somerset Council provided a briefing for Councillors today (March 19th)  on the council's response to Coronavirus. Here’s a brief summary of the key messages:

🧴 Wash your hands with soap & water more often: after journeys & sneezing, before you eat & handle food

🤝 Our community have jumped to support each-other in response to the pandemic. To support this, North Somerset Council will offer advice, training, funding and guidance to vulnerable individuals, community action groups, and people looking to volunteer.

🗞 the Council will use online and paper communications (@NorthSomersetC) to distribute key information, signpost services, and tackle misinformation.…/em…/coronavirus/coronavirus/

⚠️ the Council is working with partners to identify key risks brought by Coronavirus to different service areas

👨‍👧‍👦 Childcare will focus on the most vulnerable through schools, and the council exploring providing childcare for key workers

🛑 Be cautious of Scams targeting vulnerable residents with leaflet drops

📊 The Council are with Business West to identify key areas for Covid-9 Business Support…/…/

⚠️ Investing on equipment, PPE, and helping the NHS increase bed capacity locally

💻 Improving our technological offer to staff to allow for as many as possible to exercise social distancing by working from home.

💰 Hardship Fund will be prioritised to support the most vulnerable

🏛️ The Council is working hard to maintain essential services, while protecting the health of staff and residents

🏭 Support for businesses and business rate relief will be coming from the Council next week - direct to bank accounts where we have the details.

👨‍🔧 Wage subsidies from central government are coming soon - think before laying off workers!

🏨 If you are in the highest risk category and have received a letter from the NHS, stay at home, help is coming soon.

👴👵 If you are already receiving support from the Council, family or community, continue as normal, while respecting social distancing.

🤒 If you are self isolating and need help, contact Care Connect to discuss your situation

📱 Regularly check the North Somerset website and for guidance

For more coronavirus information go to:

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