Demanding Better for Portishead East with Paul Welton

Paul Welton is a local Liberal Democrat campaigner in Portishead working to improve our local services and environment. Paul is profoundly deaf and a British Sign Language user and is working to improve provision for people with disabilities in North Somerset. 

Paul said “I do not allow my disability to be an obstacle at any time and I’ll make sure of that. I don’t claim to be special, just an ordinary person trying to lead a normal life as best as I can whilst continually having to break down communication barriers on a daily basis.” 

“I can empathise with many disabled and elderly people trying to go about their lives, overcoming obstacles in their way. They will all have my support. After all, I tend to care for others before me.” 

“My wide range of interests include photography, nature, water, local history and railways meaning Portishead is the best place to explore and keep myself entertained. As your councillor, I will work hard to improve our town and the services that the council provides. I will always put local residents first.”

Your Local Liberal Democrat Team, Working Hard For You...

In May 2019, people across North Somerset put their trust in the Liberal Democrat team to represent them at North Somerset Council. The Lib Dems have worked cross-party to protect local services, improve our environment, and invest in our communities.

Cllr Huw James said: “This by-election is a great opportunity to elect Paul Welton to the Lib Dem team. Paul will work hard to represent the people of Portishead East on the Council and to improve our local environment.”

... The Conservatives Failed Leadership In North Somerset

The Conservatives ran North Somerset Council for over 10 years and in that time cut services and failed to improve our area. They failed to progress the Portishead Railway project as they do not care about it. Since the new council administration has taken over quick progress has been made to move it along.

The Conservatives also chose not to join the West of England Combined Authority alongside Bristol, Bath, and South Gloucestershire - and so missed out on access to a £1 billion pot of money for local infrastructure like the Portishead Railway.

It's Paul Welton's Lib Dems or Conservatives here...

Labour and the Greens have no councillors in Portishead and won't win here. It is a two-horse race between the hard-working Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

You can check out Paul Welton’s first electoral leaflet for local residents here:

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