Fox Nominated As Leader of World Trade Organisation

North Somerset MP Liam Fox is up for a job at the World Trade Organisation - in the event that he is successful this could lead to him resigning as a member of parliament and triggering a parliamentary by-election in the seat. If successful his new job would expect to start on 1 September and there would have to be a by-election, this would be a great opportunity to elect a new MP (hopefully a Liberal Democrat!) to truly represent the people of North Somerset.

Liam Fox, who as Minister for International Trade said a trade deal with the EU after Brexit would be "the easiest trade deal in history", oversaw the four-year gridlock in implementing a UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement and Trade Deal before being removed as a Cabinet Minister.

Dr Fox became infamous after the Adam Werrity International Trade Scandal, after which a report by then cabinet secretary, Sir Gus O'Donnell, found that Fox exposed himself and government officials to security risks by giving private businessman, Adam Werrity, access to his diary, and repeatedly leaving foreign powers with the impression that Werritty was part of the UK government, or was working for Fox in an official capacity.

Baroness Sarah Ludford, Lib Dem Peer, said: “Former UK trade sec Liam Fox is expected to be announced as Britain’s official nominee to run the WTO... a Brexiter with strong connections to the US Republican party. Mr Fox is regarded as a no-hoper among many in trade circles, especially in Brussels”

With all current elections delayed until next May due to Coronavirus, this could mean a long campaign period and North Somerset being without an MP for over 6 months. There's no need to wait for a by-election though, you can get involved in campaigning with the Liberal Democrats and donate to our fighting fund today.

Given his controversial past, it seems unlikely that he will be successful but this is one to watch! 


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