Paul Welton for Portishead East

Paul Welton demanding better for Portishead East

Hello! I’m Paul and I am a local Portishead resident. Originally from Reading, Berkshire, and wanting to start a fresh chapter in my life, I moved here 2 years ago after securing a job in Bristol managing a supported living scheme for Deaf residents, as well as working with Deaf and Blind people across Bristol in an outreach capacity.

Starting afresh was a big gamble for me, moving to a place where I knew nobody, but also it was made more difficult by not only being in my 40s, but also being profoundly Deaf and a British Sign Language user. Nevertheless, that was a challenge I thrived on, and it still is. I don’t allow my disability to be an obstacle at any time and I’ll make sure of that. However, it’ll always be a daily challenge, continually having to break down communication barriers, so as a result, I can empathise with many disabled and elderly people trying to go about their lives overcoming obstacles in their way.  This is why they will have my support in Portishead. 

I don’t claim to be special. I am just an authentic, honest and down-to-earth lad trying to lead a normal life as best as I can. Despite having to stand up for myself when it comes to ongoing barriers due to being Deaf, I always put other people first, before myself. I always make time for my friends and lend an ear to their problems because it is in my nature to care and provide support. I can’t be any other way, but I’ll tell you this, I’m also known for being cheeky, and not only will that help me to get through any difficulties I may face, it will also add a smile to your face! 

To wind down, I like to walk and explore with my camera, capturing things for future generations to enjoy, or to absorb the beauty we have around us. I am fortunate that Portishead & its surrounding areas are just the place for me, because I have a passion for anything to do with nature and water. I even did a degree in Landscape Architecture in Leeds, where I previously lived for 15 years, to enhance my passion further, so I totally understand the importance of protecting what is around us and making the most of the landscape.

Ongoing changes around us always interest me.  I have a life-long interest in local history, and you’ll find me buying books about the area, exploring ruins, or doing local research. I am actively involved in the Portishead Past Facebook group, as one of the admins, constantly trying to find out more about Portishead’s deeply enriched history. I also have a keen interest in railways, and with this passion of mine, it was a real joy to find old railway lines in Portishead, and even better to find out that there are plans to reopen it, which will definitely have my support. 

Well, that’s just a summary of who I am! and here's my plan for our area --

Paul Welton's plan for our area

Protect local services

After years of irresponsible Conservative management of the council, North Somerset Lib Dems are now investing in improving Portishead and our vital local services.

Protect our environment

We live in a beautiful area and it is important that we protect our natural environment and improve our built one. We want better infrastructure in the town to improve access to jobs and services, and to tackle our climate emergency.

A more inclusive Portishead

As a deaf person, I know the problems disabled people face in Portishead. I will campaign for better footpaths, more accessible parking and sign interpreters for council meetings. I will fight to tackle inequalities in our area.

My views:

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You can check out Paul Welton’s first electoral leaflet for local residents here: 

You can find my Cladding and Fire Safety Survey here:

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