Sue Mason

Sue Mason has lived in Portishead, in West Ward, for 40 years. She is an experienced town councillor representing Portishead West on the Town Council.

Sue's Plan For Our Area

Investing in our communities

Sue is keen to see more investment in Portishead. She supports a new skatepark for the town and wants to see investment in the High Street. Sue is also campaigning for road repairs on West Hill.

Protecting our environment

We live in a beautiful area and it is vital that we protect it. We are campaigning for the Lake at the Portishead Lake Grounds to be dredged, North Somerset Council have refused to do this.

Portishead Rail Link 

Linking Portishead and Pill to Bristol with a railway would reduce congestion and improve air quality. The Conservatives have failed to make progress on this and our roads are poor quality as well.

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