CORONAVIRUS: Council Launches £40.4m Local Business Support Fund

A £40.4 MILLION support fund for small businesses in North Somerset has now been fully launched, with the work and support of Liberal Democrat Council Group. The fund is to be spent on small business grants of £10k or £25k.

Lib Dem Cllr Mark Canniford, Executive Member for Business, Economy and Employment at North Somerset Council, said: “We want to help local businesses during this difficult time, and we urge businesses and individuals to get in contact with the council to see what available support there is. We recognise this is a difficult time and we want to help organisations to get the financial help they need.”

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Council Lobbies Government And Asks Somerset Businesses For Help With PPE

North Somerset Council is appealing to the Government for additional personal protective equipment (PPE), and to local businesses for any spare PPE, so it can be used by the authority’s care workers. 

Although the Lib Dem co-led Council’s care teams currently have sufficient PPE, stocks nationally are running low, and priority is being given to NHS staff.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Mike Bell, Executive Member for Health and Social Care at North Somerset has called on the Secretary of State, for Health and Social Care, the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP to improve protection for those workers on the front line of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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North Somerset Councillors met again on March 7th to discuss the Councils response to Coronavirus. Lib Dem councillors, Cllr Caroline Cherry, Patrick Keating, Huw James, Geoffery Richardson and Wendy Greggs led the constructive scrutiny sessions, asking questions on PPE, Special Schools, Accessible Communication, and Business Support.
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North Somerset Together - Community response to Coronavirus

North Somerset Council is launching a new service to link residents in need to the fantastic support being offered by communities. North Somerset Together is an initiative that will help residents who have no support from family or friends and who are socially isolated access the support they need during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. It will also help those who want to volunteer to get involved or donate to link up with the right organisations, and signpost businesses to relevant information. It brings together a wealth of information to help anyone in the community find out what is available, what help is needed, and contact groups and organisations directly

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Council Coronavirus Update 1: RESPONDING TO COVID-19

North Somerset Council provided a briefing for Councillors today (March 19th)  on the council's response to Coronavirus. Here’s a brief summary of the key messages:

🧴 Wash your hands with soap & water more often: after journeys & sneezing, before you eat & handle food

🤝 Our community have jumped to support each-other in response to the pandemic. To support this, North Somerset Council will offer advice, training, funding and guidance to vulnerable individuals, community action groups, and people looking to volunteer.

🗞 the Council will use online and paper communications (@NorthSomersetC) to distribute key information, signpost services, and tackle misinformation.…/em…/coronavirus/coronavirus/

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