Not sure how to vote?

As so many of you are unsure how to vote we've put together the top 7 questions to help you decide (along with Ash's answers). 

Here in North Somerset there will be 6 candidates on the ballot paper on 4th July 2024. The full list is opposite and is taken from the official election notice issued by North Somerset Council. 



North Somerset General Election candidates

7 questions you need to ask yourself before voting

  • Ash's Answer: "We have faced some serious challenges over the past 5 years. The question for me is did the Conservatives make the right choices in difficult circumstances? The answer for me is no. They have made things worse. They've crashed the economy, put the NHS into crisis, let schools crumble, and filled our rivers and streams with sewage. It's time they went". 

  • Ash's answer: "Like most people, I don't believe they will. I believe that unless we change the way we do politics then nothing will really change. Labour talk a good game but that's about it. All parties need to stop the bickering and petty poltical point scoring. They need to put the long term national interest ahead of their own short term political advantage. I've seen in my work as a North Somerset Councillor how much can be achieved when polticians work together." 

  • ­­Ash's answer: "Yes. To represent people you need to be one of them. I've lived and worked here for over 15 years and for last 5 years have been one of your North Somerset Councillors, fighting for the things you care about. Liam Fox moved here 8 elections ago not because of local connections but because it was a 'safe' Conservative seat and an easy route to Westminster. Now the Labour Party are doing the same, with a candidate who doesn't live or work here. This type of politics needs to end and we need to elect someone local." 

  • Ash's answer: "Yes, Liam Fox and the Conservatives have taken us for granted for too long. It's so frustrating that we only really hear from our MP when it's election time or he's feeling he might lose! This needs to change. If elected as your MP I promise to be in contact with you regularly and never take you for granted. Unlike so many Conservative and Labour politicians I will always put you first, even if that means opposing my own party."

  • Ash's answer: "No. Many Conservative voters tell me they could never vote for Labour, but they will vote for me and the Liberal Democrats. Of course some people may switch, but not enough for Labour to win. If you're not sure ask around, it won't take long for you to realise this is true". 

  • Ash's answer: "The Liberal Democrats have come closest to beating the Conservatives in North Somerset and, after the punishing post coalition years, are winning again across South West. This time we can win. Look at my page on tactical voting for more information on past election results, why Labour can't win here in North Somerset, and to watch my tactical voting video

    Labour leaflets will undoubtedly tell you they came second last time (they did) and highlight some national opinion polls, but that's all they can say. What Labour won't tell you is that last time their vote went down, mine was up over 80%, the polls were completely wrong for North Somerset, the Lib Dems have come second as many times as they have against Liam Fox, that the Lib Dems won the last two West Country by-elections to Westminster (leap frogging from third), that North Somerset Council is now led by a Lib Dem, that in my last local election over 50% of people voted for me, and the closest anyone has ever come to defeating Liam Fox was in 2010 when over 1 in 3 of us voted Liberal Democrat." 

  • Ash's answer: "We can be so much better. It's time to change politics. If elected, I would work hard for better politics. As I said in my answer to question 2, we need to change the way we do politics. We need deep and meaningful reform to restore our democracy to the envy of the world" 

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